Let me introduce myself

My name is Danica Reyes, known to many as Coach Danica. I am a mother of three a Yogi and a Travel Agent. At times I refer to myself as Yogi Mama Bear.

Two things you should know about me:

  • Health is a primary focus, for without it, life is not so sweet. I am a certified Yoga Teacher and have removed gluten and dairy from my diet. I am working on cutting out the meat…
  • I am a Danish-Canadian woman living in Las Vegas, Nevada

My Goal is to help you “Travel More, Save Money and Stress Less.”

A few key points:

  • My travel moments will be posted to help you get to know me
  • Health & Wellness along with money saving tips will be written about
  • Follow me if you are trying to improve your life experiences
  • I am here to help you plan and book your travel

Contact me and let me know where you wish to travel next, give me the chance to earn your business. I wish to provide you with excellent service and aid you in having positive adventures.

I speak Danish and English fluently and learned French in school but I am by no means able to converse en francais. With that said, I choose always to wish Bon Voyage, God Tur and Enjoy to all my international travelers.


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