Crystal’s 30th = You Save

Celebrating 30 years of award-winning personal luxury in 2020 with new 2-for-1 fares

Being a person with integrity means I care, I care about my clients beyond their booking. I want to know that everything is going well while on Vacation and make sure that I am available to handle anything that may not be going quite as wished. So the decision of which Travel Brands I wish to promote, ultimately referring them to my clients; is not one I take lightly. I am pleased and honored to be a Crystal Cruises Specialist, their attention to detail and desire to surpass expectations all while providing the highest level of personal service has me SOLD!

Don’t take my word for it though…


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It is an honor for me to serve and help you “Stress Less and Travel More.”

Bon Voyage, God Tur & Enjoy!


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