Crystal Cruises Specialist


I wish to provide my clients with the best! In my opinion after having studied the curriculum and graduated as a Crystal Cruises Specialist, in the World of Cruises there’s only one name to consider “Crystal.” It was only a couple of years ago that I had first heard the name; I was speaking with a regular visitor and client of the Lantzville Art Gallery which I was running in a small seaside village on Vancouver Island, Canada at the time. This lovely lady, who lived locally and waterfront; explained to me the differences in brief of the cruises she has been on. Crystal Cruises she said was by far the superior cruise company and the only one she and her friend will travel with. This conversation came to mind when making decisions on what I wish to specialize in for my clients now that I am a Travel Agent. Do you have a voyage in mind, below you can reference the Fleet Types to get a better idea of what would satisfy your desired cruising appetite. Or you can click on the image to be directed to the Crystal Cruises Website for more information. Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions, I would be honored to present you with a quote and to book your next voyage.

Photo credit: Crystal Cruises


Bon Voyage

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