San Clemente, California

San Clemente Pier, Bird’s Eye View
Photo Credit: Jessi Pena

My first trip as a Travel Agent was to San Clemente, California. I had visited about 4 years ago and of course ate at the famous Fisherman’s Restaurant on the pier featured above. This time, I wanted fresh “Agent Eyes,” I wanted to experience everything for the first time.

With the family accompanying me and the main objective, BEACH TIME, a budget friendly accommodation was selected. Why spend money on a room we’re not going to be in? Of course there are countless reasons why it’s is wise and or preferred to travel in luxury (most certainly my preference. ) But as a mother of three and a money-wise lady, I teach my children balance by being able to be comfortable with either budget or luxury, and even “roughing-it” tenting while camping. In fact they are fortunate to get to experience the amount of travel they do, all because, I LOVE to TRAVEL. So off to the Rodeway Inn we went…

Rodeway Inn, San Clemente
Room with almost a View

It’s a small town with a Trolley which travels through it, bringing locals and visitors around. For Dinner our first night we ate at La Siesta Mexican Restaurant. It was recommended by the receptionist who checked us in. A Local Favorite since 1956. Fresh and Fun and for me it was easy to pick a dairy-free and gluten-free meal by choosing corn tortillas and asking for them to not add cheese to my shrimp tacos.

Simply a lovely town to visit, I recommend it for Families, Couples and even on a Solo Journey. It is so quaint and easy to get-a-round. San Clemente State Beach is right there by the main street, Victoria Ave. You can also travel up and down the coast by car while you are here to view other spectacular beaches.

Day two, more beach time but before we did that. I made sure we drove by The Volare Hotel, as that was a consideration of mine. A little more of a pull on the wallet but as mentioned earlier, sometimes a little more, or a lot more luxury is worth it. In this case though, I have to say I preferred the location of the Rodeway Inn, it was after all on the Trolley Route and Room #315 did provide a little view…

The Volare

After we all had showered and managed to get the sand out of EVERYWHERE. We decided to visit the Outlets. A little comical I find given we live in Las Vegas but it’s nice to compare, especially when shopping. Sure enough, there was a CONVERSE store and the rest was history, my children were happy! We ate at Ruby’s Diner and it surprisingly wasn’t hard for me to stick to my healthy-eating there either. Salad was on the menu for myself but the rest of the crew, well it was BURGERS all around. I have to be disciplined as my family tempts me, but I am very happy to be influencing them as well. After we ate, we walked around all the shops and of course had to make another stop at GUESS but other than that we just enjoyed the Cali Breeze and the kids got to play with giant chess pieces.

The Gelato at Caterina’s was so good we went for round two on our third and final day. I especially enjoyed it as living dairy-free usually means no ice cream and here they had so many different flavors of Sorbet, that I was able to get my chocolate fix in. 

Exploring the town, helped me know where we will be staying next time… and remember, I am here for all your Travel Booking needs, simply follow my blog and contact me to let me know “Where to Next?”

Bon Voyage

God Tur


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